"I Think You Need To Leave" is a line from Facade which has become popular on the internet.


The origin of the meme started in Facade, where when you get kicked out. Trip will say "[Y/N], I think you need to leave, we'll be fine, you just have to go". The player will be sent out the door and the game will end, fading out.

Trivia Edit

  • The exact line "I think you need to leave" does not actually exist in-game. The line is actually one of these lines:

-"Okay, [player name], you know what? I think you should leave."

-"I'm tired of this motherfucking [player name] in this motherfucking apartment."

-"Alright, [player name], that's it. You've got to leave."

-"That's it [player name] I'm done with your horseshit."

-"You know what? [player name] That's it. You need to leave."

-"Okay, [player name], I think this evening is over, you've got to leave."

-"Wanna 1v1 me? wanna 1v1 me? wanna 1v1 me? I'll rek u son."



An example of Trip ejecting the player