Corbin was born in the year 380 AD, when Emperor Theodosius I made Nicene Christianity the Empire's state religion. His father is baldi and his mom is unknown. He currently is friends with playboi carti,who he became friends with after getting THOTTIES together. After discovering the chaos emeralds and stealing them, he has had a long rivalry with sonic the hedgehog.

Trip and grace

After getting Grace taken by Trip, Corbin bought guns from spiderman. he went in their house and bashed Trips skull in with a hammer. He shot everything in the house and threw grace out the window, but superman saved grace.

Playboi carti: good job my nigga

Corbin: Thanks black friend

playboi: okay

The Grace saga

after grace found out she was a sayian, she quickly learned how to go SSJ. being a thot, Corbin and playboi carti went to see her and her power level. After a long fight, Grace died, but she le dropped a chaos emerald which corbin stole.

Trip is still dead


Trip and Corbin have never been friends. Ever since Trip got with Grace, Corbin was mad. Trip is a stupid bitch so he felt cool taking Grace.Trip also used to jump Corbin everyday.


Grace is a stupid bitch that lied for attention

Chief keef

Corbin tried to join an argument with Trip and Grace but Chief keef came in and FUCKING DESTROYED HIS ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Corbin was in a kkk meeting once to convince the klan to kill trip and spiderman, but grace found out and told superman. Superman and his nigga kanye got together and fucking killed everyone with their laser eyes. Corbins asshole got burned as shit leaked out of his ass and he lost a chromosome.


Playboi carti and Corbin got together and fused combining their chromosomes to become the autistic.they killed kanye with lean and punched superman in the balls so hard he tripped over and cracked his neck WITH A GNARLY CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic the blue man

sonic was a German politician, demagogue, and Pan-German revolutionary He was leader of the Nazi Partyand rose to power in Germany as Chancellor in 1933 and Führer ("Leader") in 1934. During his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945, he initiated World War II in Europe by invading Poland in September 1939, and was central to the perpetration of the Holocaust.

Sonic had all the le chaos emeralds and then Corbin took them after killing eggman and vincent.

Playboi carti was fighting trip then spiderman came in and was about to kill trip, but sonic came in and saved trip.


The father of grace

Brain and Choo Choo

killers hired to kill playboi carti and Corbin by trip


Corbin uses nerf guns to protect himself

Playboi Carti flexes on these broke ass niggas

corbin also uses the nerf guns to shoot himself if he feels threatened by an actual man.

this makes human sense.