Facade 2 better known as "The party" is an upcoming game that will be an indirect sequel to facade. Made by the same developers as the original Facade game

Progress on Facade 2 has been halted, with no further updates expected from the developers.

Confirmed New Features Edit

  • The party will include a lot more characters with "interesting backstories" than just Trip and Grace
  • The player will be able to import a Screenplay from the original Facade in order to impact the sequel's events
  • Being able to say Melon without getting kicked out by Trip.
  • A branching Storyline with mutliple endings that is directly affected by your choices.
  • "in depth" state of the art character customization.
  • Compatibility with Oculus rift.
  • numerous sub-plots that "deeply" impact the storyline and are affected by the players actions.
  • More "realistic" animations and character models.
  • Powerful new features
  • Even more powerful features
  • Extra Swearing
  • Extra mechanics that are even more powerful than the powerful new features.
  • A "seceret" feature only availabe to those who pre order the game
  • A "super secret" feature available to those who pre order the legendary edition of the game
  • A "super duper secret" feature exclusive to those who gently suck the developer's cock (this is the one I'm getting by the way)
  • Being able to use an AK-47.

Confirmed Returning Features Edit

  • Being able to walk around
  • Being able to talk
  • Trip and Grace
  • Todd Howard
  • Maria and Vince will make an appearance in the game
  • Picking shit up
  • Putting shit down
  • Holding shit
  • Eating shit
  • Being able to swear in Mexican
  • The italian picture

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay will experience a major overhaul, and will be experienced from either first person, or third person view, depending on the players choices, as mentioned before the player will get to customise their character, in order to fully inmerse players into the game.

The AI has received a significant overhaul and now the characters can react to alot more expressions wothout looking like complete retards. also the player can interact more freely with the environment, instead of just picking up random shit and putting it down without those assholes giving a fuck, Now the player will be able to rearange the place and may even be reprimended by the NPC for being a shitty guest.

Stealth and QTE sections have been confirmed, leaked footage of the game shows the player character silently assassinating a guest with a spoon, and then hiding the body so Trip doesn't notice.

It has also been confirmed that the writers behind Valve's Half-Life series were hired in order to bring the game to life and to include a few easter eggs in the character's dialogue.

The game's been taking about 10 years to be completed, thus meaning that the game will be fucking awesome by the time it is completed just look at Duke Nukem Forever, that shit was the best fucking game of all times. Unfortunately we are still stuck with the first Façade's mediocre plot and horrible graphics by the start of 2010