Facade 3 is an upcoming very powerful game, currently being developed by the god of gaming himself Gabe Newell.

The game is set to "expand the Facade universe in new an exciting ways", the game now takes place in a city instead of a shtty apartment, or the shitty building used for Facade 2's setting.

Confirmed New Features Edit

  • Professional voice acting by celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington, Ed Norton, Sigourney Weaver and many more
  • After being cut from the game, and only appearing as an Easter Egg in the second one, Mel Gibson will finally make his triumphant debut as a main character in the game.
  • After listening to the community's bitching it has been decided that Grace and Trip will not return for the game, and will only appear as an easter egg.
  • The game will focus on Vince and Maria and expand upon their backstories.
  • Expanded customization options for the player character, such as being able to choose a religion and favorite sex position.

Gameplay Edit

The game takes place from a fourth person perspective allowing the plaer to truly get into the world of Facade, and being able to impact everything, every single choice no matter how trivial will impact the player's life and the characters around him.

Depending on the characters selected race, the player will start in a different appartment, for example chosing a white character will have the player spawn in a decent home, choosing an asian character will have you living with the slums and force the player to kill others to survive, but will in turn get more intelligence points than the other races, if choosing a nigger the player will spawn in the streets with no food and home, but gets a free knife that can be used to mug white people.