Backstory Edit

Spiderman had a troubled childhood due to his parents getting killed in a firey plane crash. Peter also suffered bullying for bein a geek.

The spectacular spider man original black suit by exhi the nobody-d54nhxe

while he was in high school. Spiderman was also known as Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider when he was on a high school drug trip. He later decided to wrestle for the money he planned to earn to get a car to impress MJ, but the fight promoter cheated him and he let the robber rob and escape until he killed his Uncle Ben. Peter knew his Uncle was killed so he tried to kill the robber for taking his uncle's life but the robber tripped and his back made a GNARLY CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!. After Peter became Spiderman he fought crime for the rest of his life. Before Spiderman began his killing spree, he had an affair with a bar waitress named Natalie who was responsible for giving Spidey the weapons.

Murder of Maria and Vince Edit

In March 10-11-2001, Spiderman went to Barcelona, Spain and he saw Maria watching South Park which he liked too. Spidey then went in her apartment and grabbed her butcher's knife, decapitated her and stuffed her head in the bathroom toilet to humiliate Trip. in March 11th 2001, Spiderman spied on Grace and Vince having sex, so he swung in, grabbed Vince by the throat and draws out his TEC 9. After he drew the gun out, he shot Vince in the face which scared Grace and made her cry. Spidey then webbed her upside down, pistol whipped her and violently saying, "QUIT YOUR GODDAMN BITCHING SLUT!". After that happened, Spiderman left the scene and teleported back to his home where he planned the next assault.

The Marsh Fashion Show Drive By Shooting Edit

Spiderman has heard Tara Dikov has hosted a Fashion show in January 2002,so Spiderman loaded his Heckler and Koch MP5K and HK slapped the gun. He then drove his Subaru car to the fashion show. After watching it for 2 minutes, he then drove by and draws his MP5K. Before he attacked, he said something to Grace and Tara which is, "Payback Time Slut ass Mother fuckers!". He then opened fire his MP5K at Tara, Grace, KPopp and Emilee. Every one was happy because Spiderman is shooting at 4 Hoes and Spidey drove away. Tara dies from her wounds 2 hours later. Spiderman celebrated and planned an assault at Ricecrispyhoe Records.

The Death of Ricecrispyhoe Records Edit

Spiderman planned a nightly attack on Ricecrispyhoe Records so he can make Grace all depressed and wish she died.He then took his AK-47 assault rifle and his Mini Uzi sub machine gun to end the Ricecrispyhoe Records contract. he then ripped the contract to shreds and shot all copies of Grace's records with his AK-47 and his Mini Uzi while the place was closed. The next day Grace and her friends return to Ricecrispyhoe Records only to realize they found bullet holes all over her records which made her cry a lot and they also found her contract ripped to shreds and covered in shit.

The Trip and Grace Apartment Massacre Edit

In early 2003 Trip called Jacksepticeye over until Jack was fooling around and Trip shoved him out of the car killing him instantly, but he called Spiderman to shoot up their apartment later Spiderman disguises as Dan and gathered the guns while Trip got Grace from the kitchen then Grace and Trip were friendly until they fought with each other which forced Spidey to pull out his M4A1 and SPAS 12 which he discharged 25 times and fired his M4 96 times to stop Trip and Grace from fighting. When Grace said she slept with Vincent which Spiderman killed with his TEC 9, he pulls out a sniper rifle and shot Grace in the head which allowed Trip to call security before Spiderman kills Trip with his MP5K, when security came Spidey draws out his MAC 10 and shot most of them up. The last remaining guard was kicked in the face by Spiderman before dying, and Spidey escaped and swang to his apartment away from Trip and Grace's. Spider-Man was caught on Trip's security camera before he left armed with his TEC 9.

Immediate Aftermath Edit

Neo and Trinity found Trip and Grace's apartment finding several dead guards including the residents and a web on the Italy Photo knowing it was Spiderman so they spent days looking for him and they found him swinging around New York, so Trinity fires a knockout dart to knock him out while he was swinging and brought him to Morpheus to interrogate him of what he done.

Things spidey does Edit

  • Spiderman has never used guns in the comics, which could allure to the fact that Trip and Grace's killer was Spiderman having his first shooting spree
  • Spiderman also killed Vince and Maria before the shooting
  • Spider-Man also obtained the Black suit a month before the massacre

Quotes Edit

"Hello Trip How's your day going, good cuz the rest of your day's gonna be FUCKED! YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG MOTHERFUCKER ASSHOLE! I'm gonna Fuckin kill you, I'm gonna Kill you! I got the motherfuckin Web shooters and I'm gonna spray every motherfucka from a rhyme away, I got the motherfuckin Spider Sense and i'm comin to your motherfuckin apartment!"

"Hello Trippety Trip How are you doing?"

"Grace Quit your Bitching!"


"You've given me shit for years, you're fuckin gonna pay for all this shit! I don't give a shit cause I'm gonna die doin it!"

"I don't care what you say Trip and Grace! If you ever touch Jack or Natalie again I will fucking kill you! I'll pull out a goddamn Uzi and blow your fucking heads off! Do you understand you worthless shitty pieces of crap!!!"


"Payback Time Slut Ass MOTHER FUCKER!!!"

Spiderman before he shoots at Grace, Tara , Emilee and KPopp.