Tara Dikov, is graces main rival, and is signed to ricecrispyhoe records, rival company; Pink Like Salami records. Grace first came in contact, with tara after her second concert, to which - as grace said herself - "THAT BITCH SPIT INSIDE MY GUCCI PURSE!!!", This caused a "record war" as Pink Like Salami records, and ricecrispyhoe records, both popped out new albums, for both tara, and grace. Tara; compared to grace, is a much worse singer, and overall trash compared to grace, and tara has done some fucked up stuff! Rumors say that she recently signed onto ricecrispyhoe records and is planning to make music with them sometime soon. She was shot by a Drive by shooter known as Spiderman armed with his Heckler and Koch MP5K.

Tara then died in the hospital due to the shooting.


The following is a list of crazy shit Tara Dikov has done;

  • Spit in graces Gucci purse
  • Assaulted a dolphin, with a spoon
  • Sold small asian children
  • Cheated on her crazy, stalker ex boy friend, Thomas
  • Assaulted Bubbles/Margaret/Jodie with a fork, and piece of glass
  • Gets shot By Spiderman in a drive by shooting.
Tara Dikov - Dance Forever (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

Tara Dikov - Dance Forever (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

Tara Dikov - Squat

Tara Dikov - Squat