The marsh fashion show, was a HUGE fashion show in early 2002, made to honor the memory, of former Blackwell academy student; Kate Marsh. The celebration, was first held after Kate, sadly committed Suicide.

The Fashion Show, was held by, Tara Dikov as a way to boost her Terrible reputation. Many of the most famous stars, were invited, to the event, including; Grace, Tara Divok, KPopp, Emilee "HEEHEE", and many more!

The models were judged, by Angela Napoli, Nancy Drew and, (GASP) Graces EX-Husband trip. Trip being a judge was, of coarse, done on purpose by Tara, to start drama.

During the fashion show, a Subaru pulls in and The driver known as Spiderman draws out his MP5K and shot nearly everybody. Grace realized Spiderman was the drive by shooter, but she couldn't do anything due to Grace seeing Tara, KPopp and Emilee getting shot and wounded by Spiderman/

Grace Fashion Show


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