Spiderman firing his TEC 9 after eliminating he SWAT team.

 The Trip and Grace Apartment Massacre Edit

Perpetrators: Spiderman (Peter Parker)

The Trip and Grace Apartment massacre

Weapons: M4A1 , Franchi SPAS 12, Ingram MAC 10, H&K MP5K, Intratec TEC 9, Artic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle.

Victims: Maria, Vince (before shooting), Trip, Grace and SWAT Team

Date : January 3rd 2003

Deaths: 18

Wounded: none

Type of attack: Arson, Shootout, Shooting spree.

Murder of Maria and Vince. Edit

Vince and Maria's death occurred in March 10-11-2001. Spiderman killed Maria first by slitting her throat with a Butcher's knife and decapitated her after killing her while Trip went to the grocery store. When Trip came back, he saw Maria hanging upside down headless and rapidly bleeding. Trip then found webbing on the hanging corpse realizing it was Spiderman that killed her. He then went to the bathroom and found Maria's head in the toilet and cried. In March 11th 2001, Grace was sleeping with Vince in college at 12:00 am until Spiderman swung in and grabbed Vince by the throat and pulls a TEC 9 to his face, shooting him. Grace witnessed the shooting and cried, so she tried to call the police,but Spidey webbed her upside down, pistol whipped her and violently said to her "QUIT YOUR GODDAMN BITCHING SLUT!". All of Grace's friends heard gunfire in the next room, her friends then saw Vince laying dead while Grace is crying in the corner. Grace's friends then found 3 9mm shell casings and they think an armed shooter went in their room. Before his killing spree began, he dated a bar waitress named Natalie whom actually gave Spiderman all of his guns.

Jacksepticeye's visit Edit

Jacksepticeye went to visit Trip and Grace. When Jack was fooling with Grace, Trip shoved Jack out which angered Jack. Jack then called his game friend Spiderman to shoot up their apartment. Spiderman said to Jack he'd do it. Spiderman then loaded up and chambered his guns and ready to kill Trip and Grace.

Spiderman's visit Edit

Spiderman would portray as Dan dressing up as Spiderman to fool Trip and Grace. Spiderman said hello to Trip and hugged him. While Trip goes to get Grace, Spiderman Gathered the guns and selected several of them. When Grace and Trip came, Spidey hid his weapons and acted friendly to them. after a while, Trip and Grace started fighting which forced Spidey to draw out his M4 and SPAS 12 which Spidey discharged 25 times and fired his M4 96 times to calm Grace and Trip down. Spiderman tersely stated to Grace "Grace quit your bitching dammit!"

Shooting Begins Edit

When Grace mentions about Vince, Spidey pulls out his sniper rifle and shot Grace in the head which allowed Trip to call SWAT before Spiderman kills Trip with his MP5K. When SWAT showed up, Spidey pulls out his MAC 10 and took several of them down. when Spidey ran out of ammo, he kicks the last SWAT member in the face before he died hours later. Spiderman then webs up the Italy photo. Spiderman was caught on Trip's security camera before leaving armed with his TEC 9. After Spidey shot Grace in the head, he then drawed his TEC 9 out and threatened trip with it.

Immediate Aftermath Edit

A week after the shooting, Neo and Trinity found Trip and Grace's apartment finding several dead SWAT Members , Trip and Grace and a web on the Italy Photo.Only knowing it was Spiderman, so they spent days looking for him and they found him swinging around New York, so Trinity fires a dart gun to knock him out while he was swinging and brought him to Morpheus. Spiderman was pleaded not guilty in court due to Trip and Grace as drug dealers. Spidey watched Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction 3 days before the shooting. Spidey was sentenced probation of firearms until 2006. Before that, Neo and Trinity found Spidey's guns in the house. They found an IMI Mini Uzi, AK-47, a 9mm Glock 18, and a MAC 11. They found a Picture of Spiderman dual wielding a MAC 10 and an MP5K and Trip and Grace being used as targets. Natalie was charged for giving Spidey all the weapons. Spiderman then hanged Satan with a web noose and left his body behind.

Gallery Edit

Spiderman firing his TEC 9 after eliminating he SWAT team.

Spiderman firing his TEC 9 to celebrate Trip and Grace's death.

Spiderman reloading his MAC 10

Spiderman Reloads His MAC-10

Spiderman firing his SPAS 12

Spiderman discharges a couple of rounds from his SPAS 12

Spiderman before shooting Grace in the head

Spiderman aims his sniper rifle before shooting Grace in the head.

Spiderman firing his M4A1

Spiderman fires his M4A1 to get Trip and Grace to shut up