The apartment is an apartment and is the residence of Trip and Grace as well as the location where the entirety of the game takes place.

Decorations Edit

The apartment was decorated by Grace, however she seems to hate most if not all of them (no wonder Trip fights with her constantly), the decorations include several "modern art" sculptures as well as a dildo (seriously there is a fucking dildo in the shelf go look for it).

The apartment is also decorated with a picture of the italian countryside and a picture of Trip and Grace's wedding, in front of said picture is a small table with a phone on it.

It also posseses a mini-bar where Trip will prepare a drink for the player during the mid-section of the game, the bar has several bottles of different kinds of beverages as well as an 8-ball that Trip uses when taking important desicions.

Trivia Edit

  • the player can rearrange the whole decorations of the apartment and neither Trip nor Grace will give a fuck.
  • the player can take any of the items with them and neither of the hosts will comment on it, Trip may get angry at the player for trying to leave the house, but will not comment on the item.
  • there is a glitch that allows the player to phase through a wall and explore the "exterior" of the place.