Vincent is The Evil character of Facade, Grace can be made to admit Doing The Doggy Style with him.


Vince is A Dick and Grace's favorite fuck buddy, like Grace he is a Porn Star of deep web, and is wanted by the Interpol due to possesion of crystal tabaco the most illegal substance in the world.

Grace will admit that she was raped by him before her wedding with Trip, being the dirty whore she is Grace enjoyed fucking him in the shark position, and since she enjoyed it she beleives that this "jinxed" her marriage with Trip.

Vincent was shot and killed by Spiderman (Peter Parker). While He was sleeping with Grace, Spidey showed up, drawed his TEC 9 and shot Vince in the face which scared Grace and made her cry. Spidey violently said to her, "Quit your goddamn bitching slut!"


  • Despite being an unseen character he can have a significant impact on the plot
  • it is implied that he forced Grace to have sex in the shark position
  • he is probably a nigga
  • Spiderman Shot and killed him with an Intratec TEC 9